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Broadway in San Francisco illustrated the importance of interacting with customers via social networks today. They hosted an interactive session in which Facebook fans could ask Shrek (of Shrek the Musical) any question, and he answered. View the conversation here.


Two interesting opposing viewpoint posts over at HubSpot echo some thoughts and questions I’ve had for a while: Are public relations and marketing two completely different things? Or, do they contribute to one another? Or, are they becoming the same thing?

While many of my teachers and several of those I follow on the web seem to believe marketing and public relations are two separate things, I’ve come to think of them as integrated with the possibility of becoming one thing under the right circumstances, especially when it comes to social media.

Social media networks like Facebook and Twitter can be used to inform, to interact with publics, and to remind publics of a company’s product. For example, at Sierra Repertory Theatre, one marketing person heads the social media efforts, posting links to interesting articles and interacting with customers about theatre, but also linking to ticketing systems, commenting on the success of shows, and reminding customers that they only have a few days left to see shows.

I worked for Sierra Repertory Theatre a little over the summer and found that the theatre company has a one-person marketing department that handles both marketing and public relations. The position basically involved maintaining positive relationships with theatre goers and with theatre reviewers at various area newspapers, but it also involves dealing with subscribers and maintaining subscriptions and donations.

In this case, it would seem that marketing and public relations overlap.

What do you think? Can public relations and marketing work together or become one? Are sales driven by public relations?

When you have an interesting title, it can be fun to do a play on words in your marketing material. The upcoming Broadway show, “How To Succeed in Business without Really Trying” has mastered this technique. They make the revival interested, not only by hiring Daniel Radcliffe to play the lead, but by using the “How To” part of the musical’s title to sell the show.

The show’s website features several “How To’s.” Viewers can learn “How To… Get Tickets,” “How To… Get to the Theatre” and “How To… Tell Your Friends.” Not only is this creative, but it allows users to interact with the site through social media and ticketing services.  It attracts attention.

The website also features a recently released commercial for the show with “How To Succeed on Broadway.”

According to a blog post by Jayblock Companies, the god Proteus was known for two things:

  1. “He was able to foretell / predict the future and…
  2. He was able to change, adapt, and acclimate himself to successfully meet and thrive in the future that he envisioned.”

While the blog post focused on the application of this to the job market, I find that this has equal application to public relations and marketing. Far too many companies are reluctant to change with the times. Newspapers have gone under because of their leadership’s unwillingness to adapt and use modern technology. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s the holiday season, which puts customers in a cheery mood. People always love to see and hear feel good stories like those of Extreme Home Makeover, but they love these stories of charity, hope and love even more during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. And the holiday decorations give you the chance to make your little bit of charity even more unique.

For example, Disney has given one family a special treat and posted photos of it on their blog. The blog reads:

…this year we teamed up with Sylvania andCHOC Children’s to take the magic of the holiday season from the Resort to the home of one special little girl and her family. Adela Jauregui, 8, a patient at CHOC Children’s, and her family watched as their home lit up with more than 6,200 lights and Disney-themed décor.

What a great way to bless others and bring attention to yourself at the same time. The real challenge is to find a way to do this all year in unique ways that please and bring in customers.

How have you used special causes to promote your company?

For a recent class assignment, I had to write a short reflection on why web is essential in any PR campaign, any marketing plan or any effective communications strategy. Unfortunately, there are many who would rather reject new technology than take advantage of it. Fortunately, I’m not one of them.

Hardly anything exists outside of the internet these days. There are very few people who don’t use email or some internet website or application to communicate with others. In such an online oriented world, it’s pretty much impossible to work in public relations without using the internet as one of your major tools. Public relations is all about communication, as is the internet. It’s only natural that the two would go together.

Due to the similar goals of public relations and the internet, it becomes essential that the public relations department of an organization play a major role in that organization’s social media strategy. Social media is about communicating with a public, about managing a company’s reputation, which is the job of public relations. In order for social media to be effective, an organization must know its public well enough to reach out to that public and interact with that public, also parts of a public relations job description. Who knows an organization’s public better than the public relations department that has researched the organization’s public and based company decisions on that public? Read the rest of this entry »

Have you ever noticed that when a movie becomes successful, a line of books come shortly after.  Disney did this with Pirates of the Caribbean.  They created a series of young adult books about Jack Sparrow.  I remember reading book versions of The Mummy Returns and Hallmark’s Arabian Nights.  And today I came across a new series of books based on the hit TV show Glee.  You can visit the site for the book, which FOX advertised on Facebook, here.

How successful are these knock-off books?  What have you done similar to this?

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